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Elite Tuition Collective was founded by Lauren Bowles, a qualified primary teacher who had taught in an Outstanding Primary School for 8 years and obtained a first-class honours degree from the prestigious St Mary’s University Twickenham, a university specialising in Primary Teaching.

While being a full-time teacher, Lauren was also; Literacy co-ordinator for the school, Early Years Foundation Stage & Key Stage 1 co-ordinator, Newly Qualified Teachers Mentor and Assessment co-ordinator for the school.

A message from Lauren, the founder of Elite Tuition Collective

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Teaching has always been something I wanted to do. Being the eldest in the family, I loved helping my siblings with their homework and “playing teacher”. I pursued teaching as a career and loved working with children in a school environment.

When I became a mother to 3 young girls, it was important for me to continue doing what I loved, teaching, while raising my family. Becoming a personal tutor was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done, aside from raising my own children. I found it so fulfilling and relished having such an impact on children’s academic ability and their emotional wellbeing. I love meeting with new families and engaging with their children and figuring out how I can help each individual child achieve their fullest potential.

Once I started out, word spread of my private tutoring sessions, and I became fully booked very quickly. This meant I was able to take on other teachers, many of whom were colleagues I trusted and knew would be perfect for the role to undertake tuition on my behalf. And thus, Elite Tuition Collective was born.

While we started as a small Surrey based company, as our tutoring sessions became more and more sought after we had the opportunity to expand, and we now work with students across the globe on bespoke Zoom sessions in countries like Qatar and China.

It’s important to note that matter how much we grow, the children remain the centre point of our company. I started Elite Tuition Collective with the belief that each child is different and deserves unique tutoring best suited to their learning styles. This belief hasn’t changed, even though our company has grown. Each of our students receives individualised tuition specially tailored to best suits them.

 Why choose us 

  • We have been running for 6 years and have taught over 450 children in the UK and across the world. We have established reputation for being trustworthy. But if you don’t want to take our word for it, please feel free to look through our client testimonials to see what parents have had to say about our services.
  • All our pupils are taught by qualified teachers that have gone through an extensive recruitment process.
  • All new students and parents will receive an initial consultation conducted by Lauren to establish which tutor best suits your child, and what your child needs help with in order to excel.
  • We will work with your child’s school to create a personalised curriculum for your child that ensures their academic curriculum will be bolstered by our private tutoring sessions.
  • You, the parent, is never out of the loop. We will provide weekly updates on your child’s progress, so you always know what is going on.


  • We have excellent knowledge of all current curriculums and are more than ready to take on whatever your child might need help with.
  • We pride ourselves on our continued professional development, continual networking, and knowledge of private and interdependent schools


  • All our staff are professional, reliable, knowledgeable, committed, and reflective in their teaching.
  • It’s important to us that all the private tutors on our team are personable and friendly.
  • All our staff are qualified teachers with a love of working with students and helping them build their confidence and excel academically.                                      

Recruitment of Staff 

At Elite Tuition Collective we pride ourselves on having the best qualified personal tutors available to teach your child. They go through a thorough recruitment process so that we can ensure that your child is only taught by the best of the best.

  • Tutors must submit a registration form, CV, DBS, and details of their teaching experience.
  • Tutors are assessed on academics and character, and we ask for references reflecting both elements.

We want to work with parents to ensure we provide the best tutoring tailored precisely for your child. We make it a point to obtain regular feedback from parents so that we can continue to develop and move the business forward.

If you’re interested in professional private tutoring for your child between the ages of 3-11, or your child preparing for entrance examinations, please feel free to get in touch. We will arrange a free initial consultation to pair your child with the right tutor for them.