At Elite Tuition Collective, we work hard to ensure our students excel in all aspects of their academic lives. An often-overlooked part of academic education and preparation are interviews. Especially as students move up though primary school and into secondary school, they may have to attend interviews. Children who sit entrance exams will often have an interview alongside their exams, and students applying to universities may be called in for an interview as part of their application process.

The interview is often the final and most daunting stage of any application. Most applicants will have received little to no guidance, which may negatively impact their chances of success. Even if an application is perfect on paper, poor interview performance can undermine an otherwise strong application. Whether your child is looking to apply to a prestigious school or university, they will need to have strong interview skills. Elite Tuition Collective is thrilled to be able to help your child improve their interview skills and work on their interview confidence.

Having refined interview technique is not only valuable in academia. Strong interview technique is a transferrable skill that will serve your child throughout their academic life, professional life, and beyond. When applying for a dream job, or even during important meetings in future, your child will be able to draw on the skills and techniques they learnt from us during their private interview technique tutoring. Being a strong and confident interviewee is a valuable skill. Let us help your child succeed in all aspects of their academic and future professional lives.

Interview Technique Tuition at Elite Tuition Collective

We are pleased to be able to offer professional interview technique tuition for your child. Our specialised interview technique tutor will work with your child to help guide them and prepare them for their interview. We will assess your child’s current interview skills and devise a tailor-made tuition plan for your child and the institution they are interviewing for. Lauren, our qualified interview coach, will help your child build confidence during interviews, teach them appropriate interview etiquette and help them sustain a professional level of discourse throughout the duration of their interview.

Lauren not only provides interview technique tuition, but also speech and drama tuition. No matter what area of interview technique tuition your child needs, we will be able to help them.

We firmly believe that every child should be given the opportunity and tools to succeed. While getting high marks and building confidence in the classroom is a vital aspect of your child’s academic life, those marks will sometimes only get them so far when it comes to being accepted into a prestigious academic institution. Strong interview technique is often the thing that will push your child further and will help them secure their academic future.

Get in touch with us for interview technique tuition

If you are looking for private interview technique tuition for your child, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer in person interview technique tuition in Surrey, Middlesex, and Essex, and can offer private online interview tuition to students anywhere in the world. Money shouldn’t be a limiting factor when it comes to the education of your child. We can discuss our fee with you during our initial consultation and give you a price based on your circumstances.

Please feel free to contact our team for any questions about private interview technique tuition.