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An often-overlooked facet of private tutoring is location tutoring, or on set tutoring. Children working in entertainment require schooling and education even if they can’t get it in a traditional classroom setting. A simple solution to this is location tutoring. We can provide an on set tutor to work with child actors around their busy film schedules to guide them through their schoolwork and keep them on track.

Elite Tuition Collective’s Credits Include:
Waffle The Wonder Dog (Cbeebies)
Four Kids & It (Kindle Entertainment)
Martyrs Lane (British Film Institute, IPSO Facto Productions)
Disney’s The Lion King Musical, London & Dublin
Avoidance (BBC)
Lovely Little Farm (Apple TV)
School of Rock (Musical)

At Elite Tuition Collective we pride ourselves on delivering high quality education for child actors. We work hard to ensure that each child not only receives continuity in their education so that they can keep up with their peers but also a flexible schedule to fit their tuition around the demands of working on set hours. If you are looking for a private tutor for a child actor, feel free to get in touch with us. Our team of friendly, qualified professional film set tutors are ready to help.


Our Approach to Film Set Tuition

At Elite Tuition Collective, we understand the stress of filming on location or in a film studio. We are flexible to the requests of the production schedule and will work with the production team to slot in our students’ educational hours around their filming time.

Your child will be placed in a classroom-like environment where we will deliver them their full academic curriculum either one to one or in small groups with other actors on set – however you see fit. We will liaise with your child’s school and their teachers to provide professional private tutors to work around the demands of filming on set.

We will also work with you, the parent, and keep you up to date on your child’s progress as we do with regular private education. All your child’s schoolwork will be recorded, documented, and filed to be reviewed by your child’s school and yourself.

Tutoring child actors on film sets is much like teaching students privately at home. We work hard to provide high quality education tailored specifically to each individual child and their learning requirements and learning styles, no matter where they are. Your on-location tutor will work closely with you, your child, and the production team to ensure child actors get the best education possible while working on set hours.

We have worked with the BBC on a range of productions for both long and short-term projects, with children who have a variety of educational needs. We understand the importance of the education of young actors who are filming. Therefore, we provide high quality, private set tutors to deliver education to the highest standards, wherever your child may be.

Every child set TV actor should receive the best quality education possible, no matter where they are. Our private film set tutors will work diligently to provide children working in the film industry with thorough and fun tutoring that slots in around their filming hours. Whether in a film studio or on location, we can provide a cast of child actors working on set with high quality education in all their required subjects. We can ensure that child performers will not fall behind in their studies and can continue to learn while acting on set.

Our Tutors

Elite Tuition Collective has hand-selected tutors ensuring that they possess excellent personal and communication skills. We are empathetic to the continuity of a child’s education. Accordingly, Elite Tuition Collective will work alongside or liaise with the student’s school to guarantee a well-rounded teaching schedule. The ideal on set tutor working with child actors on film sets need to be adaptable and highly flexible to fit teaching in with film schedules.

All our set tutors are highly trained professionals with at least a BA ITT and two years’ experience teaching, with a passion for working with children and helping them excel. Your private on set tutor will also work closely with the production team to adhere to their schedule, to ensure that the child actor can excel both in their work and in school. You can rest assured knowing that on set tutors and studio teachers is guaranteed to be a friendly, personable teacher ready to tackle the hectic hours of working with child actors on set. Our on set tutors are also willing to travel to studios, sets and locations if necessary and required.

Online Location Tutoring

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have extensive background in tutoring online over services like Zoom. We also have students scattered across the globe in places such as Qatar, China, and Dubai where we offer online private tutoring. As we are well versed in delivering private lessons online, production teams will not have to worry about facilitating premises for the tuition to take place. We can teach children working in entertainment no matter where they might be filming.

Private tutors on film sets will work with the production company, with your child’s school, and with you to ensure your child get’s the best education possible while being able to act. We work hard to achieve a perfect balance in your child’s work life on set and with their on set tutoring and academic studies.

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