Bespoke Zoom Classes

Our sought-after Zoom classes have meant that children have been able to continue their private tutoring safely throughout the pandemic, no matter where they are. Online tuition removes the boundaries of location, allowing us to reach more students in need of online tutoring regardless of where they might live.

As we have an established online tuition service, students far and wide have been able to receive professional online tutoring from us and our hand-picked team of private tutors. We have grown from a small private tutoring company based in Surrey, to a company that works with children throughout England in Surrey, Middlesex, Elmbridge, and Essex, but also across the globe in place like China, Qatar, and Dubai.

Whether you’re looking for one on one tutoring for your child or online group tuition, you’ve come to the right place. Perhaps your child is preparing for upcoming exams and needs final revisions as a confidence boost or is a primary school student needing extra help in subjects they find tricky like Maths or English, we at Elite Tuition Collective are here to help.

While we offer in person private tutoring in England, advances in technology mean that Elite Tuition Collective can offer tuition to students all over the world.

The Benefits of Online Tuition

  •  Children can comfortably learn from their own familiar environment
  • Multisensory engagement
  • Access to a wealth of online materials and resources
  • A very effective learning tool- such as written annotations and screen sharing.
  • Live interaction
  • Enables flexibility and efficiency – perfect to fit in with busy households
  • Bespoke lessons. All tailored to suit your child’s needs
  • Children can work on their chosen subjects and learn in real time from the comfort of their homes

How Online Tuition Works

Online learning is just as effective as in person one to one tuition. Online lessons do not detract from the learning of your child, and our online students receive the same benefits as students partaking in in-person tutoring. If you decide your child best suits online tuition, you can contact us, and we will arrange a virtual consultation with you. After determining what your child needs help and support with, we will pair them with the right tutor we believe will best suit their needs and learning styles.

We will then work with their school and curriculum to devise a personalised Programme of Study tailored to their individual needs. Every child is unique, and we believe they deserve unique tutoring and lesson plans to help them succeed. Private tutoring with Elite Tuition Collective isn’t a one size fits all experience. Each one of our students receives unique lesson plans carefully crafted to help them learn.

Once our Programme of Study has been devised, we will discuss how many hours you want your child in online tuition and how many times a week. A schedule will then be devised.

Once our professional online tutor starts teaching your child, we will be in touch with you with frequent updates and check-ins to monitor progress, so you will never feel out of the loop.

Online lessons are great as they offer more flexibility for you and your child. We want our students to be as comfortable as possible, and sometimes this is made possible if the child is in a familiar environment. They can work from the comfort of their homes, while receiving top of the line tuition without having to worry about anything else.

Our Tutors

Finding a tutor has never been so easy. All our tutors have BA qualifications and experience teaching. They have been hand selected by our team after a thorough interview and vetting process. They are a group of friendly and personable seasoned professionals with positive attitudes and a love of teaching. We will pair the right tutor for your child based on the free initial consultation we will provide.

Our private tutors will liaise with you and your child’s school to make sure your child is being efficiently supported in their required areas of study. Whether our students need help in Maths, English or exam preparation, our tutors are at hand to help your child build their confidence and their knowledge.

Please get in touch to speak with one of our Educational Consultants to discuss your requirements.

Also Available: Group Tuition

Small, dynamic group sessions covering English, Maths and 11+ preparation throughout the year.

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Have any questions?

If you have any questions about our private or group tuition classes please call us on 07843 934949 or send us an email at Alternatively you can use the form on our contact page.

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