We aim to provide quality private tuition in a variety of subjects, including math, English, history, and science, at Elite Tuition Collective. We are pleased to provide private English tutoring in Surrey and the surrounding areas, as well as online English tutoring for Primary and Secondary School students. Because all of our tutors are certified teachers, they have a thorough understanding of the National Curriculum as well as local curriculums and can tutor your child according to their needs. This means that when your child is tutored by one of Elite Tuition Collective’s expert private tutors, they are always on track with what they are learning in school.

Finding a Private local English tutor

We understand how difficult it can be to locate a private teacher, so let us do the hard work for you. You will receive a free initial consultation as part of Elite Tuition Collective’s tutoring service, during which our head tutor will assess your child and pair them with one of our qualified tutors. This consultation procedure allows your child to be placed with a tutor who is a perfect match for their learning style, personality, and needs. We recognise that the tutor-tutee relationship has a significant impact on the tutoring sessions’ outcomes, and we are proud of our team of hand-picked tutors, one of whom will be partnered with your child.

We will create a specialised Programme of Study for your child after the initial consultation, which will explain their needs and the areas of English they need to be instructed on, as well as the schedule for their private English tutoring. This initial consultation is also a time to discuss any issues or concerns you may have regarding your child’s learning, as well as for us to determine which of our private local English tutors would be the best fit to tutor your child.

Every student is unique, and we believe that they should be taught in ways that reflect their distinctive talents and learning styles. Therefore, after conducting an initial assessment, we will create a completely personalised program of study for your child. Every child should be given the opportunity and resources to succeed, and at Elite Tuition Collective, we are committed to putting children at the centre of everything we do; their studies and success in English class and at school are at the heart of our service.

We can work with your child and their present skill set to improve their grades and make them feel more comfortable and confident in the English classroom, whether they are in primary or secondary school. During our initial appointment, we make sure to assess your child to determine their strengths and areas in need of improvement. We can identify knowledge gaps while also playing to their existing strengths to boost their confidence and help them in their learning.

Why Choose Elite Tuition Collective for Private Local English Tutoring?

Our tutors are all QTS-certified (Qualified Teacher Status). We employ specialised tutors and make every effort to pair your child with one who has relevant experience and has been DBS (formerly CRB) verified. We guarantee great results, a high percentage of success, and referrals from happy parents. We’re proud to state that most of our students come to us as a result of positive parent ratings and referrals. Please read our client testimonials for more information from our satisfied customers.

Our dynamic team of highly qualified teachers are all professional private tutors eager to assist your child in succeeding in English at whatever level they are currently studying. Whether your child needs GSCE English tuition, or general help with their English grades, our private English tutors are ready to help.

Trusted By Parents

We’re proud of our exceptional results, high success rate, and referrals from happy parents. After a thorough interview and vetting procedure, our staff hand-selected all of our instructors, and they are a bunch of warm and approachable professionals with positive attitudes and a passion for teaching. When it comes to private local English tutoring, you can trust Elite Tuition Collective. Please read our client testimonials to understand more about what other satisfied parents had to say about our services.

Whether your child requires assistance with test preparation, a private English tutor for GCSE English, or a private English tutor to coach them throughout the year to improve their marks, our team of specialised instructors is here to help.

Private English Tuition Cost

When it comes to investing in your child’s educational development and success, money should not be a barrier. During our free initial consultation, we may discuss our rates with you and provide you with a quote depending on your specific circumstances. Please do not hesitate to contact Elite Tuition Collective if you have any inquiries concerning the cost of private tutoring.

Please contact our team if you have any queries so that we can find the perfect private English tutor for your child in Surrey and the surrounding areas, as well as Essex and Kent.